Does your client base know who you are?
If your answer to this question is no, or even maybe, then you need us to help develop a Brand for you!

A Brand is an image that is associated with a company or product. A good branding scheme is key to creating an effective corporate identity. We can help your company develop a powerful and relevant corporate image that displays the professionalism and style of your business.

For an example of how important branding is to the recognizability of your company try this little test below.

Quickly think of the first brand that comes to mind:

1. Name a brand of blue jeans.
2. Name a brand of laundry detergent.
3. Name a brand of soft drink.

Brand Identity includes: brand names, logos, positioning, collateral material such as business cards and letterhead, and brand associations. Let the JaBITCo Group help create a Brand Identity for your company today!