Flash Design

Interactivity is what grabs people's attention. Once you get a user to your site, how do you keep them there, or keep them coming back? Audio, animation, interactivity and engaging graphics are very effective in holding the attention of your current and potential clients. We can create an interactive website for your company that will not only communicate who you are and what you do, but will keep them coming back for more! Games and interactive sites create a fun online experience for the user while allowing them to become familiar with your company.

Not only can we provide your business with online multimedia, but we can create offline promotions as well. Presentations are a great way to provide information about your company. We can develop dynamic and engaging presentations to be used at conferences, meetings or even incorporated on a marketing CD to hand out to potential clients.

Play the Jabitco Memory Game!

This game is an example of some fun interactivity that can be a part of your website. It encourages people to come back to your site (to get a high score!) and gives your company great exposure.